Trail riding is great fun, especially when you’re taken to parts of Lake Worth that most people will never get to see!

At our stables, we offer trail riding for every level of rider. Whether you’ve never been on a horse before or if you’re quite experienced, we’d love it if you stopped by to learn more about our animal friends and have them take you for a quiet ride here in Florida.

These blogs are all about the many reasons that people come trailer riding. Sometimes it’s because they’re looking for something different than the usual Florida attractions. Other times it’s for a short business retreat to get out of the office. Of course, there’s also the option of a kids’ birthday party. We look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Tips on How to Connect With Your Horse

    Horses are amazing creatures. Not only have they contributed to the development of civilization by providing us with transportation and horsepower in the literal sense, but they are amazing companion animals. A relationship with your horse is special, and once formed, it's an absolute pleasure to ha…Read More

  2. Useful Terms When Riding a Horse

    There’s a lot to know about horses, from the equipment used while riding, how to clean them, what to feed them, exercising them, and so much more. So for anyone who is new to horses or trail riding, it may seem like there is a lot to learn before you can head out for a relaxing ride. But if you’…Read More

  3. Why Is Your Horse Doing “That” During Your Horseback Riding

    What is “that” in the title of this article? It’s anything you don’t understand! While we can teach those who are here for horse riding lessons how to read a horse, those who are here for an afternoon of trail rides don’t really have the time to learn much about how to interpret the action…Read More

  4. Trail Riding Tips for Beginners

    Experience a new adventure and explore territory you haven’t seen before! Trail riding is a different kind of sight-seeing that allows you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to try something different, or you already know you love trail riding, Pink Flamingo Stables in Lake Worth wi…Read More

  5. Responding To Some More Reviews For Our Trail Riding Experience

    While we often spend our blog space telling you all about our horseback riding lessons and trail riding experiences, sometimes we know it’s important to step back and take a look at what our customers are saying about us. After all, they bring up points that are important to them and help us make …Read More

  6. Have A Horseback Riding Birthday Party With Pink Flamingo!

    Okay, let’s get right to it! Pink Flamingos Stables in Lake Worth, Florida, has started offering birthday parties! That’s right, we’re giving birthday parties where you and your friends or family can take a trail ride and have a great time with some of the world’s more amazing animals. It’…Read More

  7. Why Trail Riding on Horseback Is The Perfect Office Retreat

    Why Trail Riding on Horseback Is The Perfect Office Retreat

    Here at our horse riding stables in Lake Worth, we have two primary types of clients. The first are people who come back time and again for horse riding lessons, those who love horses and want to learn to ride in a variety of different styles. But not everyone is coming back every week for riding le…Read More

  8. Do Our Trail Riding Horses Enjoy Florida?

    Quick, think of a horse! Chances are you imagined one in a feral herd in the American Southwest, or one that’s carrying a cowboy in Colorado or Texas. Maybe the first thing that came to mind was a horse of the Asian steppe. Perhaps you thought of a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park or trail rid…Read More