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Getting People Comfortable During Trail Riding and Horseback Rides

Every so often we like to take some time to look at what people are saying about us. After all, as dangerous as it can be to read about yourself on the internet, it’s also vital for a business to listen to their customers and find out what they’re saying about the services they’ve received. Today we’re going to take a look at three specific reviews we’ve received from three customers who were with us for either horseback rides or trail riding here in the Lake Worth area. Let’s start with Bradden...

“Took my daughter to Pink Flamingo Stables this morning for her very 1st lesson on Tootsie. Alicia and Kristine are very knowledgeable and great teachers for beginners and pro-riders alike. They took their time to ensure my daughter was comfortable and were very hands on to teach the right way to hold the reins to maneuver the horse while riding. All of their horses are beautiful and well taken care of. My daughter can’t wait to go back to learn more from them. I’m a very satisfied customer. Stop by to check them out and take a ride or lesson. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Bradden Armstrong

Thanks for writing in, Bradden. We’re always happy to see both you and your daughter!

We’re glad you recognized the care we took to get your daughter off on the right foot. Sometimes we see parents who bring their child to a few lessons and then start wondering why they’re not leaping the horse over the fences yet. Learning to ride a horse takes time, and, like any skill, takes time to get right. It’s very important to set a firm foundation of the basics so that a child can build from there. Not only does it give the child time to acclimate to a new experience, but it also leads to much safer riding.

Teaching horseback riding lessons as a hobby is a much different experience than so many others. When learning an instrument or throwing a baseball, the item being manipulated is inanimate. But with riding lessons, it quickly becomes obvious that the horse is very animate! Learning how to work with them is the first step to growing as a rider.

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“I brought in a 4 year old and a 7 year old who had never been on a horse before. We did a 1/2 hour trail ride with Nicki and to say she was patient was an understatement. She handled all over their nerves about being first time riders, she took the time to make sure that they were both comfortable on their respective horses and she spent an extra 15 minutes with the children afterwards teaching them how to brush a horse. I can’t say enough kind things about this place. I am telling everyone, if it’s even a thought, do it! You won’t be disappointed!”

— Ericka Heligman

Thanks for being our cheerleader, Ericka! The best advertisement is word-of-mouth, and we hope to see some of your friends in soon.

One thing we pride ourselves on is working with people who have never been on a horse before. If you think about it, their initial trepidation around horses is perfectly understandable and healthy. Even if children express an interest in horses, most of them are playing with 4-inch high versions from the toybox or seeing them on TV. Even during a parade, most children never get closer than 10 feet from a horse. As friendly as the horses we have here at our riding school are, they’re still big! Approaching such a large creature and getting on their back can be an experience that even gives adults pause.

We want everyone who comes by for trail riding or horseback riding to be as comfortable as possible, so we take time to make sure they know exactly how the process will go. After all, we hope everyone who comes by one will be back again and again!

Okay, one more review…

“We had a great time here. Our guide was fantastic! They obviously love and care about their horses. They let us ride according to our experience and at our comfort level. I would recommend Pink Flamingo to anyone, regardless of experience level. Very good place for new riders.”

— Matthew P.

Hey Matthew, thanks for leaving us a review. We never want to push people into anything here at Pink Flamingos. We know that not everyone who’s here for trail riding wants to join our riding school. We know that some people who come have ridden all their lives, while others haven’t been on a horse before. We keep a variety of horses that can accommodate anyone, and are always curious about our customers’ previous experience with horses.

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