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Horse Riding Near Boynton Beach

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Looking to get away from what people think of as “typical Florida” for a while? You’re in luck, because just 15 minutes north of Boynton Beach you’re going to find one of the best horse riding schools and trail riding experiences around!

Located on five beautiful acres and nestled off the main roads, Pink Flamingo Stables in Lake Worth is a destination for those looking for a relaxing horse trail ride and for anyone wanting to take horse riding lessons. We have same-day rides available, so contact us when you’re in need of a last-minute ride!

Horseback Trail Riding In Lake Worth

There are many great aspects of horse riding in Florida. First of all, you’re able to get away from the typical Florida activities for a little while. Second, you’ll be able to see parts of the fair city of Lake Worth that few others are privy to.

Our trail riding makes a great corporate retreat, allowing coworkers to have a calm experience away from the office. It’s also an excellent option for celebrating someone’s birthday or some other special occasion like an anniversary. And if you simply love horses, trail riding is a great way to relax and spend some time with our equine friends. Find out more about our packages here!

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Horse Riding Lessons

Our horse riding school has lessons for both the very new and the experienced rider. We tailor each rider’s needs to their skill level and to their interests, whether it’s in styles such a jumping, hunting, English, and Western. Our horses are also very accommodating to every skill level, and we can find just the right one for anyone wanting to learn to ride. Want to know more about how you can be professionally-trained in riding? Click here!

We want to provide everyone who stops by with the best trail riding experience in all of Florida. Look forward to hearing from you!

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