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Horse Riding Near Delray Beach


Want to get away and enjoy some time with nature? That’s exactly what we do here on our five bucolic acres in Lake Worth. We offer horse riding lessons and trail riding for people of all ages and abilities, from riders with years of experience to those who have never been on a horse before!

Horse Riding Lessons Near Delray Beach

Whether you’re just starting to learn to ride or are interested in picking up a new riding discipline, Pink Flamingo Stables is ready to make you the best rider you can be. We offer some of the most fun riding styles around, including English, jumping, hunting, and Western.

We also impart our knowledge of how to work best with the horses. After all, making a connection with a horse is one aspect of becoming a better rider. We can also teach you the best ways to take care of a horse if you ever decide to get one of your own. Find out more about our horse riding school right here.

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Trail Riding In Florida

Our Lake Worth stable offers many trail riding options. Besides the acreage we have to ride on, there are also the surrounding canals and back roads that few others get to see. Our trail rides makes a great birthday present for someone who loves horses. Horse rides also make excellent business retreats when everyone in the office is looking for a non-competitive bonding experience. Of course, they’re also a great option if you want to show guests a part of Florida they otherwise would never see. Find out more about them right here.

When you’re looking for a fun activity just minutes from Delray Beach, schedule a time to stop by our Lake Worth stables. We have same-day riding opportunities and look forward to seeing you!

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