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Learn All About Horses With Pink Flamingo Stables

Have you or a child always wanted to take horseback riding lessons? Now is your chance! Pink Flamingo Stables offers a variety of riding lesson packages for individuals. Learn how to take care of a horse and the equipment, gain riding skills, and learn all about English riding, Western, hunter, jumper, dressage, and trail-riding disciplines. Learn more about our lessons below and sign up today!

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What to Expect From Our Horse Riding Lessons

  • English or Western Styles
  • Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage Techniques
  • Learn Proper Horsemanship
  • Personalized Lessons to Fit Your Ability and Skill
  • Lessons From Owner and Instructor, Alicia Grace
  • Necessary Equipment Provided

English & Western Horseback Riding Lessons

$150 person for a 1 hour private riding lesson. Lessons include 45 minutes of riding and 15 minutes of grooming and tacking.

PLEASE NOTE: Our trails are through our neighborhood consisting of 5 acre tree farms, horse farms, polo fields and swails. We ride on paved & unpaved roadways with cars and trucks. Our horses are professionally trained. Helmets are required and provided at no additional charge.

Updated 2/26/24

Riding School Options

Riding Lessons

  • Our Horseback Riding Lessons include: Grooming, Tacking, Riding, and Bathing the Horses
  • * School horse(s), helmets, horse tack, and rider equipment provided
  • Individual Private Lesson - $150
  • Group Riding Lesson - $95

Lesson Packages

  • Our Riding Lessons include: Grooming, Tacking, Riding, and Bathing the Horses
  • * School horse(s), helmets, horse tack, and rider equipment provided
  • 3 Lesson Package (Private) - $425
  • 3 Lesson Package ( Group) - $270
girl with a horse, looking at camera
girl with a horse, looking at camera
girls with a horse, looking at camera
girl taking horseback riding lessons
girl with a horse
girl taking horseback riding lessons


  • Individual Private Lesson - $150
  • Group Riding Lesson - $95
  • 3 Lesson Package (Private) - $425
  • 3 Lesson Package ( Group) - $270

Private lessons are offered in 60 minute increments to children and adults ages 2 to 92. Riders spend approximately 10-15 minutes learning to groom, tack, brush, and care for their horses. The remaining 40 minutes are on the horse in the saddle. We ride in an outdoor arena with mirrors, poles, jumps, and lights. We teach riders how to walk, trot, canter, and navigate their horses through various patterns around an enclosed sand riding arena. Lessons are offered for beginners through advanced riders in dressage disciplines and centered riding practices. We also offer beginner western lessons. We have horses and ponies suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Group riding lessons are offered in 60 minute increments and include tacking and untacking the horses. To be eligible to join our group lesson program, individuals MUST be able to walk, trot, and navigate independently around a riding arena with other riders present. Group lesson participants MUST have some horsemanship knowlege of how to tack, untack, and safely care for horses.


1. Respond to this text message with your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS.

2. Choose your ride (i.e. 30, 60, 90 min)

3. Provide approximate HEIGHTS and WEIGHTS of each rider.

4. Provide day & time for ride

5. PAY NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to reserve your ride. We send a secure link via square via text message and email.


**In order to keep our business running smoothly and our horses fed and happy, ALL lessons canceled 24 hours or less are charged the full amount.**

Here at Pink Flamingo Stables, we are focused on not only creating a memorable experience, but an enjoyable one. No matter your horseback riding ability, we look to create the most positive, safe, and enjoyable experience for each rider at our horse riding school.

When it comes to your riding sessions, owner and instructor, Alicia Grace, provides quality horsemanship lessons designed to enhance each individual rider’s understanding and skills. Tailoring her program to meet the specific needs and requests of her riders, she is able to teach effective techniques and methods in over-fence lessons. Committed to helping each rider achieve his or her personal goals, our instructors are dedicated to our riders’ success.

Located on five acres in the heart of Lake Worth, Pink Flamingo Stables is the ideal setting for horseback riding lessons. This tranquil location boasts a spacious, outdoor, all-weather riding arena with jumps and a premier round pen. Our riding school provides the perfect setting for first-time riders through experienced equestrians.

What you will learn

Lessons provide riders with the foundational horsemanship skills necessary to succeed in any riding activity. As riders become comfortable with their horse and their horse begins to trust their rider, both rider and horse will learn how to work together to accomplish individual goals.

Whether for pleasure or for competition, all lessons are taught in an arena or round pen. Each lesson emphasizes proper horsemanship on the ground and in the saddle and is tailored to each individual rider’s experience and comfort. A wide range of horses and ponies are available for lessons and hacks, catering to beginner through advanced riders.

Stable management and specialized training courses are available. All lessons are by appointment and include English, Western, hunter, jumper, dressage, and trail-riding disciplines, in private lessons. When you grab your phone and type in “horseback riding lessons near me,” you’re looking for Pink Flamingo Stables, To ask questions or to schedule your session, get in touch with us today.

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