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More Useful Horseback Riding Terms To Know

A few weeks ago, we brought you some common horseback riding language that could be useful to you when you’re out on the trails. Trail riding is a fantastic way to connect with nature and experience it much like our ancestors did.

At Pink Flamingo Stables, we want you to do more than just go horseback riding for a few hours. We want you to truly enjoy your time whether it is your first time riding or you’ve been doing it all your life. One of the best ways to enjoy your ride is to get a little lingo under your belt. Keep reading below for some good-to-know trail riding lingo!

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Horseback Riding Lingo

Horse Gender Terms

There are a handful of words that describe horses based on their age and sex. We will list some useful ones to know below!

  • Foal: A newborn horse, male or female
  • Yearling: A male or female horse between the ages of one and two
  • Filly: A young female horse under four years of age
  • Colt: A young uncastrated male horse under the age of four
  • Mare: A female horse over four years old
  • Stallion: An uncastrated male horse over the age of four
  • Gelding: A castrated adult male horse
  • Dam: Any female horse who has given birth
  • Sire: Refers to the stallion that fathered a horse


On trail rides with inexperienced riders, we typically make our top speed a “trot.” Trotting is a gait that is faster than a walk but slower than a gallop.


Hands are how horses are measured. One hand is equivalent to four inches and horses are measured from the ground to their withers — another great piece of horse lingo! The withers refer to the highest part of a horse’s back and is located right at the base of the neck, above the shoulders. The average horse is about 15.2 hands tall.

Broken In

Just like you have to break in a pair of shoes for them to be comfortable to walk in, you have to “break in” a horse in order for it to be comfortable (and safe) to ride. When you visit Pink Flamingo Stables to try your hand at horseback riding in Lake Worth, FL, you can feel confident knowing that we only put our riders on horses that are thoroughly broken in.


“Lead” can be a noun or a verb. As a noun, a lead refers to a rope that clips on to a horse’s halter so that it can be navigated by someone on the ground. As a verb, it means to literally lead a horse to where you want it to go. A person can lead a horse with a lead regardless of whether or not there is a rider aboard.

Ride Horses With Pink Flamingo Stables!

We are thrilled to offer horseback riding in Lake Worth, Florida, for amateurs and experts alike. Our horses are broken in, so you can count on them being calm and friendly toward riders. Sign up for a horseback riding excursion with Pink Flamingo Stables today!