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Horseback Riding Lessons and How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, is coming to theaters March 1, 2019. Considering the first two films made over a billion dollars in the US alone, it’s obvious that the trainers at our horse riding school are not the only ones looking forward to a third installment of the franchise. If you’re unfamiliar with the first movie, it’s about a teen in Viking times who befriends a dragon. Together they have to fight the way things are on both the human and the dragon side to make things better for both species.

So you might be wondering, what does How To Train Your Dragon have to do with horseback riding lessons in Florida? Glad you asked! Here are some ways that horse riding and How To Train Your Dragon are connected.

The Companionship

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of How To Train Your Dragon is that it is filled with heart. A friendship forms between Hiccup (the human protagonists) and Toothless (the primary dragon). While at first they are presented as enemies, they eventually become friends. It doesn’t hurt that Toothless is presented as the perfect mix of a dog, a cat, and a horse. (And hey, dragon skin is hypoallergenic, so no allergies to worry about!). Since Toothless has an injured flying fin, Hiccup’s mechanical fix further creates a bond between the two.

At our riding school, we also focus on the relationship between humans and horses. It’s nearly impossible not to love the creatures; they’re so communicative and loving. That companionship does a great deal to help riders circumvent or hurdle any obstacle that might get in their way in the ring.

The Excitement

One of the biggest differences between the movie How To Train Your Dragon and the book on which it’s based is the size of Toothless. In the book, Toothless is very small and can’t be ridden. But in the movie, Toothless can be ridden like…well, like a horse! (A flying horse, but a horse nonetheless.) Some of the most exciting parts of the movies occur when Hiccup is riding Toothless, so it’s easy to see why they changed the primary dragon so much for the movie.

Okay, back to horseback riding. There’s no doubt that it can be an incredibly fun experience, one that is equally enjoyable for both the horse and rider. It’s a great thrill to ride a horse and act as one in the ring. It’s also exciting to be riding such a powerful creature, one who might be over 1,000 pounds and have legs like steel yet is still very gentle to those who know how to treat them.

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The Attitudes

One of the big themes in How To Train Your Dragon is about how attitudes have to change when you find out that creatures aren’t really what you think they are. In the movie, it’s Hiccup’s goal to teach the rest of the Vikings that dragons aren’t really all that dangerous and that they could be friendly and useful. One that occurs, all of the Viking can’t wait to get a dragon buddy.

When we think about how horses have been used in this country in the past, it’s very disheartening. Whether as beasts of burden or for entertainment, many horses have died because they were just things. We’re so happy today that the attitudes toward these exquisite animals have changed so that they’re mostly used as companion animals. Even if we “use” horses during lessons or during trail riding, it’s always in the kindest possible way.

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