Beautiful horses treated to a wonderful lifestyle.

Why We (And So Many Others) Love Horses

The human/horse bond has been a part of this world for thousands of years. For most of human history, the purpose of the horse was as a work animal, either in the fields or as a form of transportation. Because they were much more often thought of as “things to use” instead of treating them like a companion animal, people seldom became attached to them as they do today.

Thanks to the invention of the automobile, horses have largely become unnecessary for transportation, meaning that they can now be enjoyed for recreational purposes. So you might wonder why people do get attached to horses, and why the horse is seen as one of the most noble animals out there. Let’s take a look a few of the reasons that people like us get so attached to them.

The Power

If you’ve ever brushed a horse, you quickly notice just how much muscle they have. Horses, who tend not to ever lie down, develop incredibly strong muscles in all four of the legs and the supporting muscles in their trunk. A healthy horse is one big ball of muscles!

All of that muscle helps a horse fulfill its rider/horse requirements, whether it’s during horseback riding lessons or out for simple trail riding. A horse is incredibly powerful, which makes it even more amazing that they display such…


There’s something special about having a huge amount of power and knowing when to use it and when to refrain from doing so. While a horse is a huge animal that outweighs humans by many factors, it’s an animal that knows how to be gentle. To put it simply, most horses work well with any human with whom they interact. Of course, horses will work best with those who spend time with them, and that can lead to…

The Bond

There are more than 5,000 different types of mammals out there, and humans have only domesticated a small number of those. That’s because not every animal’s brain allows it to work with humans, and even some species that might seem close to the horse, such as the zebra, prove next to impossible to domesticate.

But when it comes to horses, there is certainly a bond that can form between horse and rider. Horses enjoy being brushed and paid attention to, and most are more than happy to help a rider in their tasks. Horses also love to run, which makes them excellent at speed and jumping during horse riding lessons. Both horse and rider want to be doing the same thing, which only strengthens the bond that arises.

While the horse might not be the work animal it once was, it most certainly fills a place in many people’s lives as a companion animal. Horses are fun to ride, especially if you take horse riding lessons and really get to know them on a personal level. When you want to make the most of your horse riding experiencing in Lake Worth, be sure to contact us for the best riding around!