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The Benefits You’ll Get From Trail Riding

If you’re considering trail riding with us here in Lake Worth, you might wonder how it’s going to compare to some other activities you might engage in. After all, Florida is a popular tourist attraction with many year-round activities, but can they compare to spending time on horseback for an hour or 90 minutes? We don’t think so, and we’d love to show you why trail riding with Pink Flamingo Stable is an excellent choice when you’re looking for something fun to do with family or coworkers. Here are some of the aspects of horseback riding that you can expect when you book some time with us.

It’s Fun

Here’s the primary reason that people hire us to take a family or a group of coworkers for some trail riding around Lake Worth: it’s fun! While riding horses used to be a part of someone’s job or the most efficient way to get places, horses of today are almost always used as a way of having fun. (And trust us, the horses enjoy it too!) Not everyone needs the thrill of a roller coaster to have fun, which makes horseback riding perfect for just about everyone.

It’s Relaxing

Sometimes fun can be overly stimulating, such as at the many theme parks. Horseback riding is a different kind of fun, one that’s relaxing. There’s the rhythmic clippity-clop of the hooves, the gentle swaying, and the beautiful sights and sounds of the area. It’s simply a relaxing experience that we enjoy every day on our horse riding tours.

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You’ll Get To See Something New

Even if you’re from the area, the paths that we take are going to show you parts of town that you’ve never seen before. We don’t stick to the main roads, and you’ll be able to enjoy parts of Florida that aren’t seen by most people. You might even run into plants and animals that you’ve never encountered before.

It’s A Shared Experience

Families and corporate outings are two of the most common groups that we host here at Pink Flamingo Stables. This is because it’s a great way to experience, as a group, those first three points we mentioned above: fun, relaxation, and a new experience. When groups have a positive shared experience, it brings them together. They can enjoy it as it happens, talk about it on the drive home, and reminisce years later. That’s certainly something that everyone who’s part of a group is looking for.

Horses in the West

Today there’s no part of the past we associate horses with more than the Wild West. While there were certainly farm horses in the West, many of the horses that you’d see would be better suited for traveling over distance. Land that wasn’t used for farming was used for grazing cattle, and that cattle had to be transported to the nearest railroad to head back East. The cowboy was born. It’s likely that most cowboys had some connection to their horse, since they’d be spending all that time riding them across the states.

It’s a Time To Socialize

Because trail riding is so low-key and out in nature, you don’t have to talk above the crowds as you might have to in a more crowded space such as a bowling alley or laser tag center. With trail riding, everyone can talk to each other before, during, and after the ride. Sure, chances are you’ll be talking about the ride itself, and that just reinforces the “shared experience” aspects we discussed above.

You’re Spending Time Outside

Whether it’s fresh air you’re looking for, exercise, or vitamin D, you’re going to get them all when it comes to trail riding with Pink Flamingo. Too many team-building activities are inside, which means that they’re just not as healthy.

The fact is, whether you’re looking for a completely new experience or are sure to hit some riding trailer in every new state you visit, Pink Flamingo Stables if for you. You’ll get to experience new sights in the most beautifully-green part of Florida, and have the opportunity to meet some new animal friends at the same time. Ready to get to that horse trail riding and have some fun? Contact Pink Flamingo today!