Beautiful horses treated to a wonderful lifestyle.

horseback riders looking at camera

Why Choose Pink Flamingo Stables

Flamingo Stables is a small farm in Palm Beach County that offers horseback riding lessons, trail riding, and leasing. We take pleasure in being the chosen stables of riders throughout the region and are readily accessible to both residents and visitors. It is our delight to tailor our services to match the demands of those who ride with us. We believe that riding horses should be magical, and we provide a variety of services to make it happen. We go out of our way to make sure your time with us is more than simply a day away from the house. We do whatever it takes to give you a genuinely unforgettable experience by teaching you everything you want to know.

horseback riders looking at camera

Amazing Instructors

Pink Flamingo Stables is dedicated to providing you with the best instructors. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help take your riding skills up a notch, whether you are just starting out or ready for more advanced lessons. Come out for a tour and meet our dedicated staff and join them as they share their love for riding!

horseback riders on a trail

We Take Care of Our Horses

Our horses are not simply for show at Pink Flamingo Stables. We give our horses the respect, care, and compassion they deserve. Our goal is to provide a wonderful life for our horses in a facility that is always kept in excellent condition through our outstanding horseback riding lessons and horse trail riding.

horseback riders on a trail

Variety of Services

We provide horseback riding lessons, trail riding, and leasing services to riders of all skill levels. It is our pleasure to make your horseback riding experience both fascinating and pleasant for everyone, from first-timers to experts. Each rider’s unique objectives are our priority, and it is our goal to make sure that you have a genuinely memorable time

horse in a stable

Clean Stables

We maintain and clean the entire riding center, stalls, and wash racks on a regular basis. Keeping our horses’ living conditions in exceptional shape ensures that both the rider and animal are happy.

In conclusion, Pink Flamingo Stables offers a range of services that ensures your riding experience is memorable and fun. We always go above and beyond to ensure our customers learn everything they want to know about horses, no matter what their skill level may be! Come out for a tour today and learn more about Pink Flamingo Stables.