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Six Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Horse Riding Lessons

Most parents agree that children spend far too much time indoors and in front of electronics. If you’re looking for a healthy hobby that will get your child outside and off of the couch, horse riding lessons may be the answer. In today’s blog from Pink Flamingo Stables of Lake Worth, we’re going to explore the many reasons why you should get your child involved in horseback riding and how it can teach them important skills that will last them a lifetime. Keep reading and then contact us to learn more about our stables.

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People have been riding horses for thousands of years. They have been used in agriculture, in battle, as a source of food, and as a way to get from point A to point B much faster than relying on two feet. Much of America was settled using horse-drawn carriages that carried goods and people across a vast terrain. Horses used to be an integral part of most people’s daily lives, but times have changed so much that many children never get the opportunity to be up close with one.

If you’re looking for a real, character-building experience for your child, consider enrolling them in horse riding lessons. Here are just a few of the ways they will benefit:

Improves Physical Fitness

If you’ve never ridden a horse, you might think that the horse does most of the work and therefore you won’t get much exercise from horseback riding. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Riding a horse is a challenging, full-body workout that requires balance and stamina. Horseback riding improves coordination, builds muscles, and provides an aerobic workout as well.


Learning to ride a horse is truly an educational experience. Because horses are no longer part of daily life for most people, the first step in learning how to ride is to get a basic understanding of some of the terminology. There are specific words that relate to riding, the equipment used, and the way a horse moves. For a beginner, learning all of these new terms can seem overwhelming, but like any new hobby or skill, mastering the basics can be a great confidence-booster.

Teaches Responsibility

Learning to ride a horse isn’t just about jumping on and going for a ride, it’s about taking responsibility for an animal and learning how to properly care for it. Many children who dream of owning a horse have never actually had the experience of caring for one. It’s important that they learn about the hard work that is involved in carrying equipment, grooming, feeding, and cleaning stalls. Learning to respect hard work is something that will benefit your child in school, sports, and anything else they encounter in life.

Boosts Confidence

Riding a horse — especially for the first time — can be scary. Getting on the back of a large animal can be intimidating to anyone, especially for a small child. That’s why taking horse riding lessons is a great way to teach your child to face their fears. They’ll learn how to interact with the horse, what to do and not do, and it will build their confidence over time. Learning to conquer fear and not giving up when you’re faced with a tough situation is an important life lesson that will serve them well for years to come.

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Gets Them Out in Nature

Children spend far more time indoors now than ever before. Free time is now primarily spent indoors watching television or playing games. If you’re concerned that your child is spending way too much time with electronics and not enough time outdoors, signing them up for horse riding lessons is one solution. Horseback riding provides children with an opportunity to spend quality time in nature, breathing in the fresh air. At first, it might take some convincing, but once they try riding, they’ll learn to appreciate being able to “unplug”.

Builds Character

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to get your child involved in horseback riding is that it builds character. It’s so much more than just having fun and learning how to ride— horse riding lessons teach children patience, self-discipline, and accountability. The lessons they learn will be ones they can use throughout their lifetime.

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