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What Horse Sayings Might Come To Mind During Your Lake Worth Trail Ride?

If you’re like most of our customers, horses aren’t really a part of your everyday life. So when you do something out of the ordinary — like, say, visit us for Lake Worth trail riding or horseback riding lessons — the sudden influx of horses into your life will probably stir some horse-related sayings in your mind. So if “hold your horses!” ends up coming out of your mouth, you’ll know a bit more about it after reading this blog.

“Don’t Look A Gift Horse In the Mouth”

This saying is more than 2000 years old and means that you shouldn’t question when someone tries to do something nice for you. A horse’s health and age can be determined, in part, by the health of its teeth. If you check a horse’s teeth as someone is giving it to you, you’re being rude.

“You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can’t Make Him Drink”

This saying is around 800 years old and originated in old English. It basically means that you can give someone an opportunity, but it’s up to them if they want to take it or not.

“Champing At The Bit”

This phrase is only about 100 years old. While some people say “chomping,” that’s not technically correct even though they mean the same thing. Horses getting excited about a race might chew on the bit in their mouth, and this saying means that someone is excited for something to happen.

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“Hold Your Horses”

When someone is champing at the bit to get going, someone might tell them to “hold their horses.” This phrase comes from a line in the Iliad, making it nearly 3000 years old! It basically means to calm down a bit and don’t go running off before it’s time.

“A Horse of a Different Color”

This phrase is found in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, though it’s not known if Shakespeare invented it or was using a phrase from the time. It basically means “another matter entirely,” something only tangentially related to the subject at hand.

Champing At The Bit To Go Trail Riding In Lake Worth?

No need to hold your horses; we can often accommodate same-day rides! Contact us today to schedule riding lessons or trail riding here in Florida!