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Myths About Equestrians And Horse Lessons

If you have a hobby that you love, you’ve probably run into a lot of misconceptions about it and would love to set the record straight. For instance, people might mock professional wrestling, but fans might point out the incredible acrobatics that put it on par with Cirque Du Soleil. Other people might think that you have to have thousands of dollars in camera equipment to take a great picture, while most photographers will tell you that it’s simply not the case. When people put a lot of effort into something, others (on the “outside”) are sure to find fault with it.

When it comes to riding schools and trail riding establishments, there are quite a few myths as well. There’s a good chance that you have a few preconceptions about equestrians, so we thought we’d take a little bit of time and help to set the record straight.

MYTH: “The Horses Aren’t Treated Well”

It’s true that humanity has a questionable past with animals, and horses are no exception. Horses have been used as transportation and war machines for thousands of years.

But in our country today, most horses are treated very well. They’re no longer beasts of burden; they’re hobby animals. Instead of having to use horses, horses tend to be treated well because people choose to be around them.

At our horse riding school, you can be assured that we treat our horses very well. We love our equine friends and want to treat them very well, because the closer the bond we create with them, the easier it is to get them to perform the gaits and jumps we want them to achieve.

MYTH: “The Horses Don’t Want To Do It”

Some people might claim that we’re not treating horses well because we’re forcing them to do things that they don’t really want to do. In truth, that’s impossible to know for certain: who can know with absolute certainty what’s going on in the mind of an animal?

But there are clues that we can pick up on that we believe show that the horses are perfectly happy with their situation. We give them food and a safe place to live. We give them companionship, both with humans and with other horses. In return all they have to do is what they were made to do: walk, run, and jump. And there’s probably sugar cubes or something else sweet waiting at the end…sounds like a pretty good life to us! Much as a dog wants to chase a ball, we’re simply using a horse’s natural instincts to our advantage.

MYTH: “Horse Riding Lessons Are Only For Girls”

For most of human history, working with horses was a man’s job. Men would ride them into battle, men would whip them into pulling plows, and men were the delivery drivers in both the country and the city.

But as horses became animals of leisure, many men moved on to tinkering with cars instead of finding better ways to bond with horses. Once horses weren’t forced into constant service, humanity was able to slow down and recognize the beauty and gentleness of these creatures. Girls are especially good at finding that beauty.

There’s no doubt that the bulk of riders tend to be girls, but that doesn’t mean that they all are. Everyone can enjoy riding horses, whether they’re getting official horseback riding lessons or are simply here for a few hours taking a trail ride. It’s doesn’t matter who you are…horseback riding is for anyone with an interest!

MYTH: “Horseback Riding Is Only For the Rich”

When most people think of horseback riding, their first thought is to the riding that they might see on TV. Alternately, they might think of the association with fox hunting and the ways that the elites of England would occupy themselves.

While riding for fun and sport was once reserved only for the rich, that’s simply not the case today. Many people are able to afford the purchase price and the care of a horse, especially if they don’t have any other hobbies vying for their hobby dollars. In our case, our horse riding school is an excellent way for us to spend time with horses while offering people a way to get some trail riding and lessons in. Are all horse riders rich? Certainly not. It can be very expensive, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Finally, it’s important to remember that many people who ride horses don’t actually own the horses. For instance, anyone wanting riding lessons from Pink Flamingo Stables certainly doesn’t have to have their own horse…but they’re sure to have a favorite of ours once they start riding!

MYTH: “Equestrians Think They’re So Great”

This one is related to our previous myth about horse riders being rich. The elite were the only ones who could ride a horse because they wanted to, not because they had to. They were the only ones who had the extra time to come up with leisure sports that we associate with horses today. Their “better than others” attitudes, mixed with the common-folk’s envy of having any leisure time whatsoever, has cemented the attitude that those who enjoy horseback riding are snooty.

Trust us when we say that this stereotype simply doesn’t hold up. Whether you come to our horse riding school for riding lessons or simply want to have some quiet time trail riding around Lake Worth, you’re going to find people who are friendly and are simply excited about horses.

MYTH: “Horse Riders Only Care About Horses”

Hmmm…this might have a bit of truth to it. It’s true that we love horses and interact with them every day. We take care of them by feeding them and grooming them. In short, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Are we obsessed? Maybe a little!

But as much as we care about horses, we have other interests as well. We love spending time with our friends and family. We boat, we play on the Florida beaches, we head out to the latest movie blockbuster like everyone else. We cook, we clean, and we might even have a second hobby that keeps us busy when we’re not riding. Like most people, we recognize how important it is to have a well-rounded life.

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Ready To Ride?

There are many myths and misconceptions about horseback riding, but it’s pretty obvious that they don’t hold up when you take a look at them closely. We’d love it if you’d stop by Pink Flamingo Stables to meet both our staff and our horses. In fact, we have same-day rides available, so you can jump at the chance when the mood hits you. Contact us today!