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5 Reasons Why Horseback Riding is Good for People of All Ages

Many people love to horseback ride. After all, it’s an outdoor activity where you get to enjoy nature and sunshine, and you get to be with horses. Pink Flamingo Stables in Lake Worth offers trail riding and horseback riding lessons for people of all ages. We love sharing our passion and knowledge of horses with you.

Horseback riding has many benefits for people of all ages. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons that horseback riding is good for people of all ages. Contact our horse riding school to get started today!



One of the best reasons to horseback ride is for the exercise. Some people think that the horses are doing all that work, but that’s far from the truth. First, you have to get your horse ready to rid. This entails a good combing and cleaning their hooves. They you saddle them up, and while you are riding, especially English riding, you are a very active participant. Afterwards, you have to unsaddle your horse and get your horse cooled down. All of this expends a lot of energy, but since it’s not what most people think of when “working out,” you usually don’t realize you are exercising until afterward.

Build Coordination

Coordination is a skill that is super important no matter what age you are. Horseback riding takes a lot of stamina, strength, and coordination. After all, you are in charge of an animal that weighs hundreds of pounds. When riding you have to coordinate the reins, leg cues, and sounds you make together with the horse’s movements so the horse knows what you are doing as well.

Gain a New Perspective

Riding horses will most definitely give you a new perspective on life, both literally and figuratively. First, you will be many more feet in the air than you normally are. Everything will look different, from the leaves falling from the trees to the squirrels and birds that now are at eye level. Plus, being on top of a horse and having that experience teaches one appreciation for life and gratitude at being able to ride such a magnificent creature who is happy to let you ride them. Horses always lead you on the road less traveled, which is bound to have adventure and excitement at the end of the trail.

Problem Solving

Horses can most definitely be challenging. Each horse is unique, just like people, with their own personality and past experiences. Many do have problems from their experiences with humans in the past that you will have to overcome. Some may not like to be ridden. Some may not warm up to you for a while. Some are temperamental and don’t like the wind or the cold. Horses can learn and change as much as humans, and it’s inevitable that once you fix a problem, another will arise.

Constant Learning

The one thing you’ll notice with riding horses is that you will never be bored, and you’ll constantly be learning. When you first begin to ride horses, everything is new and exciting. You have to learn about the proper care and feeding of horses during all seasons. You have to learn when to call the veterinarian. You’ll have to learn how to saddle a horse and how to ride. But even years down the road as a seasoned horse person, horses will constantly be teaching you new things, whether it’s from the cool places you get to go with your horses to life lessons about sacrifice and honor.

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Pink Flamingo Stables has been offering trail riding and horse riding lessons in Lake Worth since 2013. Our family-owned horse riding school is privileged to teach you about horses. Our horses are very friendly and affectionate, as well as patient. They enjoy helping you learn, too! The world of horses is most definitely a world many people love to enter and never leave. Horses are unique creatures that can add immense value and companionship to your life.

No matter your age, if you are interested in beginning horse riding lessons, trail riding, or having a birthday party at our stables, reach out today.