Best Breeds for Trail Riding

Best Breeds for Trail Riding

Trail riding is a wonderful way to explore the outdoors. At Pink Flamingo Stables in Lake Worth, we offer trail riding lessons for everyone, even beginners with no experience, because we are passionate about sharing the experience of horse trail riding with others.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of the best breeds for trail riding. Please keep in mind that this list is in no way a complete list of every horse breed we believe to be great for trail riding. It is just our attempt to highlight a few that stand out.

Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready to take trail riding lessons in Lake Worth, contact Pink Flamingo Stables!

American quarter horse

American Quarter Horse

As one of the most popular breeds of horses in America, you are likely to see quite a few American Quarter horses on the trail. These horses are known for sprinting short distances at high speeds, hence the name, and are great for taking trail rides through the mountains or other tough trails.

Tennessee Walking Horses

Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee walking horses are great horses for trail riding. They are known for their calm demeanor and their running-walk, gait which is perfect for the trails. Bred specifically to be a trail horse, Tennessee walking horses also have great stamina and strength.

dappled Appaloosa horse


Appaloosas are intelligent and loyal horses. They have a great deal of stamina and enjoy being out in all types of weather. Having been bred with the American quarter horse, appaloosas have many of the same characteristics and make excellent trail riding horses.

American paint horse

American Paint Horse

American paint horses are patient horses that don’t spook too easily, making them excellent trail riding companions. Paint horses are more than happy to be led through trials and handle rough terrain with ease.

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At Pink Flamingo Stables, we offer trail riding lessons for everyone, even beginners with no experience. We are passionate about horseback riding and always ensure that each trail ride lesson is led by a highly trained instructor who puts our rider’s safety first. Learn more about our horse trail riding lessons in Lake Worth and sign up today!

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