Thanks for stopping by Pink Flamingo Stables to learn more about horseback riding and trail riding in the Lake Worth area!

Pink Flamingo Stables is all about sharing our love of horses with those who live in Florida, as well as those are just visiting. We know that horseback riding can be fun, relaxing, exciting, and therapeutic…all in the same day!

In this series of blogs, we’re going to discuss why horseback riding is so popular and the many benefits it can have for those who engage with it on a regular basis. We’ll talk about different riding styles, how to care for horses, and what horses mean to us as owners and society as a whole. Read on to find out more about our four-legged friends!

  1. man and woman riding horses together

    Why Choose Pink Flamingo Stables

    Flamingo Stables is a small farm in Palm Beach County that offers horseback riding lessons, trail riding, and leasing. We take pleasure in being the chosen stables of riders throughout the region and are readily accessible to both residents and visitors. It is our delight to tailor our services to m…Read More

  2. Are You Prepared To Own a Horse?

    Many children dream of having their own horse to take care of and love. This hope often exists without ever having experienced the hard work and dedication that goes along with properly caring for a horse. Whether this desire comes from a romanticized life depicted on TV, or a newfound passion disco…Read More

  3. An Overview of the Two Most Common Styles of Horseback Riding

    If you’re new to horseback riding or are just starting to learn about horses in general, it won’t take long before you realize that there’s a lot to know! Horses are complex animals that have been around for thousands of years and people have used them for work, sport, and as pets. It’s easy…Read More

  4. Tips on How to Connect With Your Horse

    Horses are amazing creatures. Not only have they contributed to the development of civilization by providing us with transportation and horsepower in the literal sense, but they are amazing companion animals. A relationship with your horse is special, and once formed, it's an absolute pleasure to ha…Read More

  5. 5 Things to Consider If You’re Thinking of Buying a Horse

    Many people want a horse. Some have wanted a horse since they were children, or they have a friend who has a horse. Some love the idea of having a riding companion and going places with their horse. However, there is a lot involved with owning a horse that many people do not consider. Pink Flamingo …Read More

  6. 5 Reasons Why Horseback Riding is Good for People of All Ages

    Many people love to horseback ride. After all, it's an outdoor activity where you get to enjoy nature and sunshine, and you get to be with horses. Pink Flamingo Stables in Lake Worth offers trail riding and horseback riding lessons for people of all ages. We love sharing our passion and knowledge of…Read More

  7. An Introduction To the Five Different Types of Horses

    Do you or someone you know love horses and want to learn more about them? When it comes to horses, there’s a lot to learn. and the team at Pink Flamingo Stables in Lake Worth, Florida would like to help. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss some basics that every horse lover should know. Ke…Read More

  8. Five Reasons To Plan a Party at Our Horse Riding School

    Are you in the process of planning a birthday party for your child or another young horse lover? Are you looking for something fun and unique to do beyond the traditional cake and ice cream? Here’s an idea — throw a horseback riding birthday party at Pink Flamingo Stables in Fort Worth! In today…Read More

  9. Ten Fun Facts About Horses

    If you love horses as much as we do, you enjoy learning as much as you can about them. Horses are fascinating creatures, and there are many things that people don’t know about them. In today’s post from Pink Flamingo Stables in Fort Worth, we’re going to talk about ten fun facts that you may o…Read More

  10. Basics of Caring For a Horse

    Do you love to go horseback riding and now you’re starting to think about getting your own horse? Taking care of a horse is a big responsibility that takes time and money. You have to be prepared for the commitment it takes to care for your horse. There will be days when you just don’t feel like…Read More