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Pink Flamingo Stables is all about sharing our love of horses with those who live in Florida, as well as those are just visiting. We know that horseback riding can be fun, relaxing, exciting, and therapeutic…all in the same day!

In this series of blogs, we’re going to discuss why horseback riding is so popular and the many benefits it can have for those who engage with it on a regular basis. We’ll talk about different riding styles, how to care for horses, and what horses mean to us as owners and society as a whole. Read on to find out more about our four-legged friends!

  1. Useful Terms When Riding a Horse

    There’s a lot to know about horses, from the equipment used while riding, how to clean them, what to feed them, exercising them, and so much more. So for anyone who is new to horses or trail riding, it may seem like there is a lot to learn before you can head out for a relaxing ride. But if you’…Read More

  2. 3 Ways War Movies Lie To You About Horses

    As we’ve discussed in previous articles, horses haven’t really been humanity’s friends for very long. In other words, people weren’t terribly interested in using horses for trail riding or just doing some horseback riding for fun; they were workers and nothing more. For most of history, hors…Read More

  3. 3 Ways Westerns Lie To You About Horses

    When we go to the movies, we all know that not everything we see is real. We sit there for two hours, knowing that the dragons don’t exist (anymore, right?) and intergalactic space travel isn’t a possibility. We willingly suspend our disbelief and go along for the ride...even if it’s a horseba…Read More

  4. Why Is Your Horse Doing “That” During Your Horseback Riding

    What is “that” in the title of this article? It’s anything you don’t understand! While we can teach those who are here for horse riding lessons how to read a horse, those who are here for an afternoon of trail rides don’t really have the time to learn much about how to interpret the action…Read More

  5. Trail Riding Tips for Beginners

    Experience a new adventure and explore territory you haven’t seen before! Trail riding is a different kind of sight-seeing that allows you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to try something different, or you already know you love trail riding, Pink Flamingo Stables in Lake Worth wi…Read More

  6. Here’s What You Can Do At Our Horse Riding Stables!

    One of the most fun aspects of having a business like ours is that we have quite the variety of fun activities going on throughout the day. It’s not just riding lessons all day long, and we’re not just on the trail all day. Pink Flamingo Stables is an active place, a fun place, and a place of le…Read More

  7. Getting People Comfortable During Trail Riding and Horseback Rides

    Every so often we like to take some time to look at what people are saying about us. After all, as dangerous as it can be to read about yourself on the internet, it’s also vital for a business to listen to their customers and find out what they’re saying about the services they’ve received. To…Read More

  8. 3 More Ways Kids Benefit From Horseback Riding In West Palm Beach

    In our previous blog, we detailed some excellent ways in which horseback riding can help children who come to us for riding lessons. Not only does horseback riding help kids physically with balance, but it also provides excellent exercise for the brain. But one blog wasn’t enough to contain all of…Read More

  9. 4 Ways Kids Benefit From Horseback Riding In West Palm Beach

    Do you have a kid who is obsessed with horses? It happens to many children at one time or another, and it’s perfectly understandable. Horses represent an excellent combination of power and gentleness, and once children see what horses can do in movies and on TV, they just can’t seem to get enoug…Read More