1. Cantering with Ease

    Cantering causes a tremendous amount of apprehension for many riders. It’s a bigger gait than the trot and can be difficult to manage if the riders seat, hands, and legs are tense. I wanted to write briefly on the canter, as many of my students struggle with finding balance within the canter and p…Read More

  2. One Week to the International Helmet Awareness Day 2014

    The helmet awareness campaign Riders4Helmets is holding its fourth annual International Helmet Awareness Day on Saturday, June 22. The event aims to educate all equestrians about the importance of wearing protective headgear for every ride, regardless of discipline. The campaign was launched in 20…Read More

  3. Research highlights the dangers of concussions in young athletes

    With International Helmet Awareness Day coming up this Saturday, June 22, equestrians will be hearing a lot about the danger of head injuries. One of the biggest concerns—particularly for children—is concussions, and recent studies are shedding some light on the problems that come with diagnos…Read More