1. How Horseback Riding Helps People With Disabilities

      Most people who take horseback riding lessons are doing so because they simply love horses. Some have a serious plan to become a professional, while others are more interested in simply enjoying it as a hobby. Of course, there are some who just want to stop by for an afternoon to enjoy some t…Read More

  2. Myths We Can Talk About During Your Horse Riding Lessons

      In our previous blog we discussed many of the myths that surround the people who take horseback riding lessons or spend a lot of their time trail riding; myths that tend to dog equestrians. Some people seem to think that the horses aren’t treated well, when in truth most horse owners tend to sp…Read More

  3. Myths About Equestrians And Horse Lessons

      If you have a hobby that you love, you’ve probably run into a lot of misconceptions about it and would love to set the record straight. For instance, people might mock professional wrestling, but fans might point out the incredible acrobatics that put it on par with Cirque Du Soleil. Other peop…Read More

  4. How Horse’s Jobs Have Changed Over The Decades

    Before the invention of the automobile, horses were one of the most common work animals around. While farmers might use oxen to plow a field, a horse could be used for both farm work and as transportation. If you didn’t want to walk the five miles into town, a horse could save you time and a whole…Read More

  5. What People Are Saying About Pink Flamingos Stables

    We could go on and on about how great we think life is here at Pink Flamingo Stables, because we truly do love our horse riding school and trail riding opportunities. But every business proprietor is going to talk about how great they are, so we think it’s important that anyone considering visitin…Read More

  6. The Benefits You’ll Get From Trail Riding

    If you’re considering trail riding with us here in Lake Worth, you might wonder how it’s going to compare to some other activities you might engage in. After all, Florida is a popular tourist attraction with many year-round activities, but can they compare to spending time on horseback for an ho…Read More

  7. How Horses Came To Be Our Closest Animal Friends

    We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend, but we take issue with that. After all, dogs are bred so that they really have no decision but to like you. They’re pack animals, and breeding practices has kept them in a perpetual submissive state. Horse are friendly, yes, but the bond with ho…Read More

  8. Why We (And So Many Others) Love Horses

      The human/horse bond has been a part of this world for thousands of years. For most of human history, the purpose of the horse was as a work animal, either in the fields or as a form of transportation. Because they were much more often thought of as “things to use” instead of treating the…Read More