1. Responding To Some More Reviews For Our Trail Riding Experience

    While we often spend our blog space telling you all about our horseback riding lessons and trail riding experiences, sometimes we know it’s important to step back and take a look at what our customers are saying about us. After all, they bring up points that are important to them and help us make …Read More

  2. Have A Horseback Riding Birthday Party With Pink Flamingo!

    Okay, let’s get right to it! Pink Flamingos Stables in Lake Worth, Florida, has started offering birthday parties! That’s right, we’re giving birthday parties where you and your friends or family can take a trail ride and have a great time with some of the world’s more amazing animals. It’…Read More

  3. Why Trail Riding on Horseback Is The Perfect Office Retreat

    Why Trail Riding on Horseback Is The Perfect Office Retreat

    Here at our horse riding stables in Lake Worth, we have two primary types of clients. The first are people who come back time and again for horse riding lessons, those who love horses and want to learn to ride in a variety of different styles. But not everyone is coming back every week for riding le…Read More

  4. Do Our Trail Riding Horses Enjoy Florida?

    Quick, think of a horse! Chances are you imagined one in a feral herd in the American Southwest, or one that’s carrying a cowboy in Colorado or Texas. Maybe the first thing that came to mind was a horse of the Asian steppe. Perhaps you thought of a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park or trail rid…Read More

  5. Psychological Benefits Of Horseback Riding and Trail Riding

    When you’re searching for horseback riding near me on the web, we bet you’re looking to have fun riding horses. Whether you’re interested in a casual day of trail riding or are dedicated to years of taking horse riding lessons, there’s always fun to be had! But did you know that horse riding…Read More

  6. The Benefits You’ll Get From Trail Riding

    If you’re considering trail riding with us here in Lake Worth, you might wonder how it’s going to compare to some other activities you might engage in. After all, Florida is a popular tourist attraction with many year-round activities, but can they compare to spending time on horseback for an ho…Read More

  7. Welcome To Our New and Improved Trail Riding Site!

    We’d like to thank you for stopping by the new and improved Pink Flamingo Stables website! We’ve worked hard to make this virtual space as easy as possible for you to get on a horse, and that means creating an online space so that you can sign up for trail riding or horseback riding lessons with…Read More